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Wealthy French taxpayers consider relocation

Paris, France, by Tasi Zoltán via Unsplash

Some wealthy Parisian taxpayers are considering relocating if presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon wins the upcoming French election.

It appears that these French taxpayers are a bit more serious than the Americans who threaten to move to Canada every four years — Melenchon’s tax policies could severely impact the pockets of the country’s wealthiest citizens. Continue reading “Wealthy French taxpayers consider relocation” »


The dangers of cheap foreclosures

An image of a home by 'Inspiration de' via Unsplash

Last night I decided to look at home prices while half-watching a bad reality show.

I wasn’t just looking at houses here in Dallas — I wanted to see what the markets in other cities were like.

One thing that struck me when I randomly decided to look up Detroit real estate was how many dirt-cheap houses there are.

A look at Detroit home prices.

A look at Detroit home prices.

Sure, many of the homes appeared to be in not-so-safe neighborhoods, but the cut-rate prices were amazing. Continue reading “The dangers of cheap foreclosures” »


Down the Trump tax return rabbit hole

Photo: The White House by Srikanta H. U via Unsplash

So about Trump’s taxes…

After spending most of Easter weekend inside in ill health, I decided to fall into quite the rabbit hole regarding President Donald Trump’s still-unreleased tax returns.

Richard Hasen has an interesting article over at Politico about how states could force Trump to release his tax returns (if he were to run in 2020) by limiting his access to state ballots.

Lawmakers in at least 24 states have introduced bills that would force all presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns to get on the ballot. Continue reading “Down the Trump tax return rabbit hole” »

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How a dog helped a new Dallasite win his tax case

Dog photo by Brandon Day via Unsplash.

I have a new Texas tax article over at The Dallas Morning News — it’s about a New York tax appeal case involving Match Group CEO Gregory Blatt.

Blatt moved to Dallas from NYC back in 2009 after becoming the CEO of Dallas-based dating site Prior to that, he ran the legal department of Match’s parent company, IAC.

Blatt wasn’t so sure that Dallas would suit his lifestyle, so he negotiated this interesting arrangement where he would retain some of his IAC titles while essentially testing-out the Match position. Continue reading “How a dog helped a new Dallasite win his tax case” »


John Wiley Price, Sagar Thakkar, and more: Thursday’s Tax Brief

Neon Dollar bill sign photo by Jimi Filipovski via Unsplash

Here are some tax crime stories on my radar today.

In Dallas: Tax issues are central to a major political corruption trial going on here in Dallas.

Powerful Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price faces federal charges for allegedly accepting about $1 million in bribes from a political consultant. In addition to the mail fraud and bribery charges, there are several counts related to his failure to include the alleged bribes on his federal tax returns (more here.)

The defense alleges that the purported bribes were actually legal loan repayments, and therefore did not need to be disclosed on Price’s taxes as income.

Whether this case gets resolved anytime soon is yet to be seen — A mistrial appears increasingly likely because the judge keeps ruling that the prosecution is wrongfully withholding evidence from the defense.

More:Defense CPA says John Wiley Price did not owe taxes he’s accused of evading,” Kevin Krause, The Dallas Morning News. Continue reading “John Wiley Price, Sagar Thakkar, and more: Thursday’s Tax Brief” »