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Law School

Passing the Texas Bar and Receiving the NASBTS Scholarship

November 6, 2017
Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C.

Two personal updates: I took the Texas bar exam this summer and received my score back last Thursday — I passed! I also took the MPRE this Saturday and should be licensed in Texas in December (assuming a passing MPRE score.) I also received the 2017 Scholarship Award from theย National Association of State Bar Tax Sections (NASBTS) thanks to a generous recommendation from Georgetown University’s SALT program.…

Corporate Tax Research Papers

Mandatory Passthrough Taxation for Non-Publicly Traded Businesses?

October 30, 2017
A coffee shop in Bintaro, Indonesia by Nafinia Putra via Unsplash

Discussions regarding corporate tax reform often focus on the large, typically public, companies — but what about the treatment of private businesses? In a new research paper, Professor Anthony P. Polito from Suffolk University Law School looks at whether private businesses should receive mandatory passthrough treatment. He ultimately decides that passthrough treatment shouldn’t be mandatory, but comes up with some other ideas for tax reform.…

International Tax Research Papers

Can a harsh wealth tax end India’s political corruption problem?

October 23, 2017
Photo of Agra, India (Taj Mahal) by Arash Bal via Unsplash.

India, like many developing countries, has a fair amount of political corruption. Some Indian politicians amass large amounts of wealth unexplained by meager incomes reported on tax returns. Vrajlal K. Sapovadia, the executive director of Shanti Business School, has a novel approach to curbing corruption: “every two years, wealth in any form must be reconciled with past yearโ€™s income minus inflation. Any accumulation above the declared income must…