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Jansen on Tax is a legal blog edited by Dennis Jansen.

Dennis is a lawyer and a tax LL.M. candidate at Georgetown University Law Center, where he is completing the State and Local Taxation (SALT) certificate program. He previously worked in the legal division of Thomson Reuters for seven years and most recently served as an editor at The Dallas Morning News, the largest newspaper in Texas.

Dennis earned his J.D. at the University of Minnesota Law School, where he was a member of the Ronald M. Mankoff Tax Clinic and served as a VITA tax preparer.

Dennis also writes a personal blog that focuses on life in Washington D.C.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.  Do you have a question? Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

FAQ #1

Q: Where can I find tax advice or help preparing taxes?

A: There are a variety of lawyer directories available such as (a former employer of mine.) Additionally, many law schools operate legal clinics which are free for low-to-modest income individuals. You can find a legal aid clinic through your local bar association website or the Legal Services Corporation website.  For tax preparation help, low-to-modest income individuals can receive free tax preparation services and advice at a VITA  or TCE site.

FAQ #2

Q: Can I rely on the information on this website for my own tax preparation or litigation matters?

A: Nope. Unless you have a signed representation letter from me, we don’t have an attorney-client relationship. Please see FAQ #1 for guidance on how to find tax guidance.

FAQ #3

Q: I have a complaint, correction, or other grievance.  How can I contact you?

A: You can contact me using the form below. More detailed contact information is here.

FAQ #4

Q: What is the “basics” category about?

A: “Basics” articles provide a general overview of a variety of legal topics. These posts are occasionally updated and usually link-out to several authoritative sources.  These posts are generally short and are not intended to be a comprehensive survey of a particular legal matter.

If you have a recommendation for a “basics” article, let me know using the contact form below.


This blog is unaffiliated with Georgetown University Law Center and isn’t meant to offer legal advice. If you need tax help, please consult with a tax professional. A link to an offsite article is not necessarily an endorsement of any particular policy, political, or legal view.

The full disclaimer is here.