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Wealthy French taxpayers consider relocation

Paris, France, by Tasi Zoltán via Unsplash

Some wealthy Parisian taxpayers are considering relocating if presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon wins the upcoming French election.

It appears that these French taxpayers are a bit more serious than the Americans who threaten to move to Canada every four years — Melenchon’s tax policies could severely impact the pockets of the country’s wealthiest citizens. Continue reading “Wealthy French taxpayers consider relocation” »

International Tax

The feasibility of the border-adjustable tax

A photograph of a truck by Seb Creativo in Paso Garibaldi, Ushuaia, Argentina - via Unsplash.

More on that border tax…

Leonard E. Burman of the Tax Policy Center has an interesting look the feasibility of the border-adjustable tax (BAT) recently proposed by GOP lawmakers (aka the Mexico border tax.)

Although hardships caused by the BAT could be offset by a rising dollar, it seems that currency markets would not completely adjust where we need them to.

Currency markets aside, Burman comes to the conclusion that the BAT is unlikely to be enacted for three reasons: Continue reading “The feasibility of the border-adjustable tax” »