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Gorsuch, Credit Karma, Syria Attack: Friday’s Tax Update

April 7, 2017
Supreme Court building by Claire Anderson via Unsplash.

Here are some stories on my radar today.

SCOTUS: Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed as the 113th justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Today.

He’s filling the seat vacated by the the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13, 2016 and held open by the Republicans on the gamble that a Republican president would replace former President Obama.

Looks like the gamble paid off.

More:Senate confirms Gorsuch,” Amy Howe, SCOTUS Blog.

Tax prep: Credit Karma now has a $0 tax preparation product, and it may work.

“Credit Karma can offer free tax preparation because it makes money in other ways. The company, with 600 employees, gets paid to recommend financial products, such as credit cards and auto loans, to customers. It says it had revenue of $350 million in 2015 and has been profitable for a couple of years.”

More:Should Tax Prep Be Free? Credit Karmaโ€™s Challenge to TurboTax,” Ben Steverman, Bloomberg.

Watch party: Why economists were watching the Syria strike with President Donald Trump.

Trump watched U.S. missiles strike a Syrian airbase while in Mar-a-Lago, along with the secretaries of Commerce and Treasury, and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn. The unusual company was because the original purpose of the trip was to host a summit with Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Why not join the party if you’re already at the house?

More:Trump brought his economics team to his Syria strike watch party, for some reason,” Matthew Yglesias, Vox.


Photo: Claire Anderson.

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