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Baton Rogue man charged with attempting to illegally look up Trump’s tax returns

May 22, 2017
Office in the evening by Joshua Davis via Unsplash.

From Politico: “Louisiana man charged in attempt to look up Trump’s tax records” A Louisiana man has been charged with using a federal student loan application tool in an unsuccessful attempt to look up then-presidential candidate Donald Trumpโ€™s tax records. The man, Jordan Hamlett, is a private investigator, according to the publication, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, which first reported the arrest. The alleged attempt occurred on Sept.…


John Wiley Price, Sagar Thakkar, and more: Thursday’s Tax Brief

April 13, 2017
Neon Dollar bill sign photo by Jimi Filipovski via Unsplash

Here are some tax crime stories on my radar today. In Dallas:ย Tax issues are central to a major political corruption trial going on here in Dallas. Powerful Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price faces federal charges for allegedly accepting about $1 million in bribes from a political consultant. In addition to the mail fraud and bribery charges, there are several counts related to his failure to include the…


Art and Money Laundering

April 10, 2017
A photo of a man in a gallery by Igor Miske, Dresden, Germany - via Unsplash.

It’s arts month here in Dallas, which means that art collectors and investors from all over the world are in town. Although art collectors will pay hefty sums for aesthetic reasons, high art prices and secretive auction sales have also become a prime money laundering vehicle. Money laundering in the high-end art world happensย in two primary ways:…


Jared Kushner’s Russia contacts, tax reform, UMN Profs: Monday’s Tax Brief

March 27, 2017
A view of Moscow by Artem Sapegin via Unsplash.

Tax reform: The House Freedom Caucus which thwarted President Donald Trump’s ability to repeal the Affordable Care Act may also imperil Paul Ryan’s tax reform plans. The question is whether GOP leaders have the power to create a revenue-neutral tax plan — which inevitably means taking on big constituencies who would lose out under the new tax laws. One option could be temporary cuts, which Ryan likely views…