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Texas’ bottomless mimosa law

May 5, 2017
Brunch mimosas by Natalia Ostashova via Unsplash

I occasionally do reporting for The Dallas Morning News‘ entertainment website, GuideLive.

One of the time-honored gay traditions here in Dallas (and across the U.S.) is brunch, so I decided to a post about the best bottomless mimosa spots in Dallas.

However, in doing my research for the article, I discovered that bottomless mimosas are illegal in Texas.

Not only that, but another publication — The San Antonio Current — did a similar bottomless mimosa article which the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission used as an enforcement hit-list.

“Confusion” about the bottomless mimosa law is widespread in Texas — as we found out recently when attending drag brunch in Fort Worth.

We were sold a bottomless mimosa special by the bartenders only to find out that the $15 price was per pitcher. They apparently made the decision not to break Texas alcohol laws sometime after we ordered.

How do we know? Because the decision to give us wristbands doesn’t make sense if you’re selling mimosas by-the-pitcher and not giving wristbands to all 21+ customers regardless of what they are ordering.

Bottomless mimosas are probably overrated anyway.

Although they can be an effective loss leader and marketing tool for a restaurant, I don’t think the sugar and calories associated with multiple mimosas are helping anyone’s waistlines.

I’ll stick to Bloody Mary’s in the future.

Photo: Natalia Ostashova via Unsplash.

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